June 6, 2018

Mission Statement

The mission of the ABAC is to foster an interest
in rare and antiquarian books, and related material;
to provide booksellers with a forum of association with colleagues;
to provide buyers with books and sources of books, and to uphold
the highest professional and ethical standards.

To that end, the ABAC and its members will:

  • Establish and further friendly co-operation amongst antiquarian booksellers in Canada and abroad.
  • Stimulate interest in collecting books by private individuals and public institutions.
  • Uphold the status of the antiquarian book trade and maintain its high professional standards.
  • Promote the advancement of the technical and general knowledge of those engaged in the book trade.
  • Act on behalf of the antiquarian book trade when individual action would be less likely to succeed.
  • Benefit the trade as a whole by sponsoring co-operative exhibitions, and by supporting the publication of materials relevant to the book trade
  • Collect funds to be used for the specific and general purpose of this Association.